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“Rockin’ Megillah”

The Book of Esther becomes a rockin’ and rollin’ affair in this tribute to the 50’s. Narrators, Rock and Roll, are the chroniclers who set the stage for each scene. THE KING Ahasuerus loves his blue suede shoes. Haman convinces THE KING that the Jews are desecrating the blue suede shoes and should be eliminated. Esther bedazzles THE KING in her yellow polka dot bikini. Mordecai is led around town on THE KING’s favorite Harley. Yes, Purim and Rock and Roll are here to stay!

“Purim Space Odyssey”

Fly away to a far off galaxy where adventure and romance make up this Purim Odyssey. An ethereal imp, Moonbeam, narrates this interplanetary tale. Ahasuerus, served by his attendants Kayna and Hora, rules the galaxy. Be astounded as Vashti is beamed away. Dark Darth Haman is sinister, while Mordecai gallantly leads his Yehudi Knights. Mordecai is led through the galazy by Haman in the Meshugenneh Falcon. This traditional story ends with Darth Haman pleading for his life as he tries to convince Mordecai that he is his father! Your audience will be starry eyed at this out of this world production.

“The Age of Purim”

Put on your tie dyes and return to the age of “Ahasuerius” in this 60’s version of the Purim story. Fivel, a la Forrest Gump, narrates the saga. King Ahasuerus believes he is ALL the Beatles. Esther is the hippy of Shushan and Haman appears as none other than Tricky Dick Nixon. Each principal character is surrounded by different groups. Esther has her Supremes, Mordecai the Three Mavens, and Haman sports the Shady Shifters. Mordecai is whisked away by Haman in the wonderful Yellow Submarine. Everyone will be dancin’ in the streets to the finale!

“It’s Super Purim”

Look! On the stage! The Purim characters are superheroes! The Nebesh (aka Ahasuerus), with his sidekick Nudnik, bungles through the play. Mensch Man (Mordecai) has the power of the tzitzit. Shayna Maidel (Esther) bedazzles with her energizing aura which is enhanced by Kabbalah Girl. Herr Chazar (Haman) attempts to overpower with the allure of treif. There is fantasy, humor, and excitement in this dynamic and super version of the Purim story!

“My Big Fat Jewish Purim”

With apologies to Megillat Esther, this story line takes several liberties. Mordecai and his nagging wife bemoan the fact that Esther is not married. Mordecai can also solve all the aches and pains with a spritz of schmaltz. When the King chooses Esther and realizes her strong connection to Judaism he decides to convert. The meeting of the two families is hilarious, especially when the King’s parents bring their contribution to the buffet — ham biscuits! This really is a gantzeh megillah!

“Shushan-O A Purim Cabaret”

Remeber Chicago? This version of the Purim story is presented in cabaret style! The principal characters are called upon to tell their situations through song. The narrator serves as MC, introducing each act in the cabaret. The cast is bedecked in flapper garb and tuxedos. The king’s soiree is depicted in jazzy allure.

“Everything’s Coming Up Purim”

Through a series of vignettes, based on several popular Broadway shows, the story of Purim becomes a revue worthy of a Tony Award. Narrators, Comedy, and Tragedy weave the episodes in which Mordecai and Esther become the “Guys and Dolls”. Haman, a Damn Yankee, and Haman’s Hams (aka Sharks) rumble Mordecai’s Stars (aka Jets). See Haman lead Mordecai around in his Schmaltz Lightning hot rod. Cool!



MINI PLAYS (Only $25!):


Rosh Hashanah –


“Don’t Touch Him (The Story of Akeidah)”

The play revolves around a group of angels. Each introduces itself and describes its specific purpose. After all every angel has a special mission. There’s the angel of souls, healing, health, and then the little angel of touch, the one who keeps babies from touching hot pots and sharp objects. This little angel feels very inferior. The angels then observe the unfolding of the story of Akeidah. They watch with trepidation as Abraham prepares Isaac on the altar. Anxiously they await G-d’s command to stop the sacrifice. Finally when G-d intervenes it is the angel of touch who flies down and saves the day. At last the angel of touch becomes a hero!

“Don’t Laugh (Story of the Birth of Isaac)”

A reporter is doing a story on Abraham and Sarah. Observing how Abraham treats tired strangers, the reporter comments on Abraham’s hospitality. The guest are interviewed and reveal that they have come for a special purpose. When they announce that Sarah will have a son, we hear Sarah laugh. As the reporter talks to Sarah it becomes clear that Sarah is also a little hysterical. G-d talks to Abraham and reveals the prophecy. After the shock both Sarah and Abraham show their excitement. Nine months pass and Sarah gives birth and they name the son Yitzchak – a son of laughter and joy.

“Shofar So Good”

The shofar’s union, BLAST (Blowers of Lyrical, Artistic Shofar Talents) are going on strike. People are not listening to the shofar with the correct kavannah. They present a list of do’s and dont’s when hearing the shofar sounds. In order to illustrate their point, they present three scenarios of how people are not int the correct frame of mind — they time the length of the gedolah; they laugh if the baal tekiah makes a mistake; they are indifferent. After each scenario the audience has to determine if the scene is SHOFAR SO GOOD or SHOFAR NO GOOD.

“The Big Three (T’Shuvah, T’fillah, Tzedakah)”

A student is bored as the teacher starts to lecture about the importance of T’Shuvah, T’fillah, and Tzedakah. The student falls asleep and is visited by Tzedakah Man, Teshuvah Kid, and Tefillah Girl. Through a scenario each shows the student the importance of their concept and how the student has not achieved their goal.


Yom Kippur –

“The Story of Jonah”


Sukkot –

“Welcoming the Ushpizin”

People are seated in the sukkah. They extend an invitation to the ushpizin in song (to the tune of Be Our Guest). Each of the ushpiziin present themselves. They give clues to their identity and the audience has to guess who they are. The ushpizin are Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Leah, Joseph and Rachel, Moses and Miriam, Aaron and Deborah, David and Ruth.


Hanukkah –

“The Story of Judith”

A tribute to the heroism of Judith, this play tells the story of her heroic acts. Through narrative and song the events are told. Holofernes’ cruelty is explained through a rendition of Don’t be Cruel. A Juijitsu Judith shows her stuff as she signs a parody of Hard Hearted Hannah. At last something honoring women for Hanukkah time!

“Disney Goes Hanukkah”

What would Disney World be like with a Hanukkah theme? Thus this play was born! Through several favorite Disney songs, the songs and traditions of Hanukkah come alive. I Wanna Be Like You explains the world of the Hellenists. What better way to pay tribute to Judah than through Prince Ali. With the aide of the Fairy Bubbe and her Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, the temple is cleaned. And with faith and A Spoonful of Sugar, the oil will last eight days.

“The Grand Ole Hanukkah Opry”

Move over Dolly, it’s Hanukkah time at the Grand Ole Opry! A medley of wonderful country songs all dedicated to the themes of Hanukkah. Oh Susannah, Achy Breaky Heart, She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain, I Fall to Pieces, and others will have the audience tapping their feet.

“Rockin’ Hanukkah Concert”

And exactly how did the Maccabees have the money to restore the defiled Temple? Why they organized a rock concert! Amazingly the songs sung at this event have been discovered and are ready for your enjoyment. Songs of the 50’s fill this play. Blue Suede Shoes — A tribute to the Maccabees. At the Hop — or let’s observe Shabbat. The Hasidim are All Shook Up in their faith in mitzvot. And the Kind — not Antiochus, the other one — wails about the temple in ruins in Heartbreak Hotel. A unique take to any Hanukkah celebration.

“Hanukkah at Chelm”

Once again the brilliant Chelmites attempt to explain the traditions of Hanukkah. They explain the origins of the month of Kislev, a unique way to make certain the candles are placed correctly, and the reason for the letters on the dreidel. With typical Chelmite “reasoning and logic” this play will bring laughter and amusement!


 Purim –

“Purim Monsters, Inc.”

Monsters collect screams for the Scream Gragger by sneaking into children’s rooms, scaring them, and collecting their screams. One Purim all the collected screams are missing. They investigate the problem. Upon entering one girl’s room they scare her, but nothing happens. They then realize that her mouth is taped shut. Who is taping shut the mouths of children to prevent them from screaming? It turns out to be Namah. Why was Namah doing this? Namah, spelled backwards, is Haman! Namah is a descendant of Haman and is tired of everyone disliking him/her and booing. The solution — Namah is told to boo at Haman’s name, too! That makes Namah very happy and everyone has a screaming good time.

“A Rugrat’s Purim”

This time, the babies tell the story!

“Mordecai Potter and Voldehaman’s Revenge”

McVashtigall is banished from Choppedliverworts. Dumblesuerus looks for a new headmistress. Mordecai Potter heads the Mitzvah Wizards. Esthermione is chosen queen by the Sorting Kippah. Voldehaman seeks revenge on Mordecai Potter who won’t bow and keeps calling him silly. Esthermione enters Dumblesuerus’ chambers with the help of the invisibility tallis. Voldehaman’s plot is revealed and thwarted!

“The Purim Toy Story”

Woody, Jesse, Buzz Lightyear, Potato Head, and others become the Purim story characters and tell the story!

“A Bug’s Life Purim”

Every year the ants have to make lots of hamantaschen for Hamanhopper, who, if not pleased, will become hopping mad and stamp them out. The chief hamantaschen maker, Hannah the caterpillar, has an accident. Her many hands are burned and she can’t cook. Mordeflik saves the day. He tells the children in the audience that they can have a big grasshopper for their science project. When Hamanhopper returns, he is captured by the children and taken away.

“It’s a Dr. Seuss Purim”

It’s a Purim story with a contest! The traditional story is told. In the dialogue are many titles of Dr. Seuss books. The audience can divide into teams. The team which recognizes the most titles gets a prize at the end!

“Estar Wars”

Empress Vashti, Mordecai Skywalker and the Jewdi Knights, Reish 2 Dalet 2, Darth Haman and the Syncopating Stormtroopers, Estar and Obihaynahora tell the story. The Knights win by using their secret weapon — schmaltz!

“Chai Noon”

A western version of the Purim story.

“An Incredible Purim”

The Purim characters become superheroes! There is Hilarious Ahasuerius, Vanishing Vashti, Muscle Man Mordecai, Electrifying Esther, and Harmless Haman. This is an interactive play. Each character has an accompanying sound which the audience makes when their name is stated.


Passover –

“This is Your Life, Moses”

Moses and Miriam are selected from a list of possible celebrities to be honored. The master of ceremonies recounts their lives. During this time they are reunited with people who were important in their lives. These include Yocheved, an Israelite slave, Pharaoh’s daughter, Aaron, a frog, and others. They are celebrated through song and dialogue.

“The Passover Idol”

Four personalities are vying for the title of THE Passover Idol. They are Moses, Aaron, Yocheved, and Miriam. There are three rounds during which they discuss why they should be the chosen one. After each round the audience votes. The one with the least votes is eliminated. After three rounds the victor is announced.


Tzedakah –

“Finding Tzedakah”


Beginning of The Year Plays –

“Finding Torah”

“Mitzvah Maven’s Top Ten”